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Hunting in Namibia

By car from the airport to the farm is

150 EUR / auto

Auto car transport from the farm to the airport 

150 EUR / auto

Day auto taxes on the farm 
(accommodation, full board , the cost of hunting)
Hunter 1 + 2 (1 + 2 accompanying hunters)
Hunter 1 +1 (1 accompanying + 1 hunter)

150 EUR
180 EUR


70 EUR

Drinks are charged extra according to the price list. 

Trophy animals
Kudu (Greater)

750 EUR


400 EUR


350 EUR


350 EUR


220 EUR


1200 EUR


300 EUR

Brindled Gnu / Blue Wildebeest

600 EUR

White-tailed Gnu / Black Wildebeest

600 EUR

Hartmann Mountain Zebra

600 EUR

Burchell´s Plains Zebra

600 EUR

Giraffe (southern, angolensis)

1200 EUR

Baboon (Chacma)

50 EUR

Black-backed Jackal

50 EUR

Ostrich (wild blue neck)

350 EUR

Lending game weapons 

30 EUR / day

+ 2 EUR 

Taxidermy charge

15 EUR / piece
(treatment trophies and skins)

Namibia is a fantastic country full of contrasts; wild beauty of ocean coastline, mountains, desert landscapes with endless sand dunes, grasslands, fertile soil and forests, as well as major rivers in the north. The country has National parks and reserves with lots of animals, large farms, and civilized cities with good infrastructure. There are also very good air transport connections with Europe at affordable prices. Namibia is an excellent destination for inexperienced travelers and for those who have no experience with hunting safari. It offers at low prices the most popular large antelope with first-class trophies. Travellers do not need any vaccinations and it is a safe country with a low crime rate.


Ranch is located about 300 km from the capital Windhoek. It offers excellent hunting opportunities for hunting antelope on an area of about 20,000 hectares . Hunting guests are offered spacious two-room apartments on the farm, all day dining, pool, lounge and a well-stocked bar. On the farm you can rent a gun and you do not need a gun license or a hunting license. For communication basic knowledge of German or English is sufficient. Staff at the farm are friendly and helpful.

Other services

according to individual clients include air tickets, visas, and car rental. These types of services are offered for individual hunting programs, before or after the hunt or of course you may build your own successor program in Namibia. Some popular favorites are a safari in Etosha NP vast, majestic Fish River Canyon on, Namib desert dunes at Sosussvlei, Sesriem canyon, and also some interesting oceanic fisheries for sharks or Meagre.